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Kathleen, Grass Valley, C.A
I've had facials at most of the spas in the area and none can touch what Carola has to offer. She is medically trained and worked closely for years with a dermatologist in Marin County, as an Aesthetician in his office. She doesn't just give a generic treatment, smear lotions on your face and try to sell you expensive products. She is able to accurately assess your individual needs and put together treatments that actually transform your skin. She has the knowledge and experience to combine modalities and adjust her treatments as your skin changes. I have seen her monthly for less than a year and have noticed an amazing improvement in that time. She does all the treatments herself and is accomplished in the most advanced techniques of skin care. Carola also has the heart of a healer. She is always thinking about how to get the best results for each one of her clients and is committed to the highest level of care. She is constantly researching new products and methods. In addition to all her skill and commitment, she is sweet and fun to be with, she provides a lovely, relaxing environment, and her prices are definitely reasonable for what she gives. I couldn't recommend her more highly.

Heather H. Nevada City,C.A
Carola is a very skilled and knowledgeable Esthetician. Her years of experience in dermatologist's offices in the Bay Area is apparent as she chooses the best procedures for her clients. Mix this clinical knowledge with concern for pure and natural products and you have Carola!  She steers clear of harmful chemicals and uses more natural products to bring about healthy skin!  I have seen her for two Microdermabrasion treatments and I was so surprised by the results that I convinced my sisters and mom to get it as well.  It does not hurt and it makes your skin look fresh and clear. I can't believe the results.Treat yourself or someone you love to beautiful skin!   
Nityam Grass Valley,C.A
A friend recommended the Skin Studio for a facial, so I thought I would give it a try. I loved my facial!!! Carola is great and her lovely studio is cozy and very private. I felt like I got way more than just a facial, she starts off making you comfortable and warm lying on the table covered with a soft cloth and a few hot massaging rocks on your body to relax you, with peaceful music in the background, so relaxing! Several times during the facial while the yummy smelling organic magic potions were penetrating and tingling, Carola gave me a light and soothing neck massage that added to the relaxing feeling and felt very healing. I came out feeling rejuvenated, refreshed, relaxed and so sparkling clean and ready for slow walk down Mill Street for a little window shopping, before carrying on with my day. I will definitely be returning to try some of her other treatments and services and I recommend her highly as she is not only very knowledgeable on the subject of .. 

Aletha S, Auburn, 
I highly recommend the Dermacycling/Micro-current treatment Carola offers.  I have gotten many compliments on how much younger my skin looks, and I have been able to postpone my usual botox treatments so far because of these treatments.
Carola is very knowledgeable and makes you feel comfortable.  I especially appreciate her lean towards organic and safe products.

Carson H.
Has endorsed your work as Medical Aesthetician at Laub, David A, Md - Laub Dermatology & Aesthetics.
Dear Carola,
I've written this recommendation of your work to share with other LinkedIn users.
Details of the Recommendation: "I began getting acne as a teenager and started going to Carola at the age of 14. I consistently visited her for Microdermabraison treatments through my adolescence for about 3 years. Because I went to her regularly and because she was so good at what she did, I completely avoided any large acne break outs or scaring and now live with clear and healthy skin. 
I always felt extremely comfortable with Carola. Her warm heart and spirit were attributes I looked forward to every visit. I would highly recommend her to anyone looking to clear up acne or improve their complexion." 
Service Category: Dermatology
Year first hired: 2004 (hired more than once)
Top Qualities: Great Results, Personable, Expert

Amber B Grass Valley. Ca
Carola May at Skin Studio is an amazing and gifted skin whisperer! I cannot recommend her services enough -- for people looking to improve their skin and control acne and/or wrinkles, pamper themselves with a facial or treatment, seek professional advice, or purchase quality product. Carola is professional, knowledgeable, experienced, and easy to talk to. Her studio is comfortable, clean, and lovely. I always look forward to my appointments with her :)

The subject of my skin used to cause me embarrassment, but now I am happy to share my experience in hopes that it will encourage others who may have given up on the idea of ever achieving nice skin to seek Carola's advice and services.

At 34 years old, and after over two decades of suffering from acne (complete with adolescent teasing and shunning -- kids can be so cruel!) and having tried everything else, I finally decided to seek an aesthetician's professional advice.  And I could NOT be happier with the results since I have been working with Carola! I was skeptical at first when she confidently promised she could help me (after so many years I have just learned to think of myself as that girl with bad skin), but I followed her advice to a tee and my skin has improved tremendously, and continues to!! My skin no longer produces excessive oil, old blemishes have cleared up, and it is rare that new blemishes emerge... and when they do, with Carola's help, I have learned what to do so they don't stick around long or leave much if any scarring.  

True story: After just a visit or two with Carola, a client who has seen me weekly for nearly two years (and who had no idea I was receiving professional care for my skin) got all wide-eyed and exclaimed, "Amber! Your skin has TOTALLY cleared up!" and gave me a big hug! Nobody had EVER said anything like that to me before, and I loved it! I cannot even explain how good it felt :)

Now, I don't feel the need to hide behind my hair all the time and my social anxiety has significantly decreased. I am currently working on changing the way I view myself -- I have always walked around totally conscious that my skin was bad and worried what people who didn't know me thought it meant about me (primarily, that I was somehow "dirty" or unhealthy -- when in fact I am obsessive about my personal hygiene and health!). I have to remind myself dozens of times each day that I am no longer that person, and each time it feels incredible. Eventually, I won't continuously be surprised when I look in the mirror and see clear skin :)